We at GOLDEN FLOWER Chinese And English Takeaway aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Widnes. Give us feedback.

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Very nice

Tanya, 02 Aug 2020

Brilliant as always

Gary, 01 Aug 2020

Fantastic food every time, so fresh and tasty. Super service.

Nina, 30 Jul 2020

Wa8 7hj

Sam, 25 Jul 2020

Quick and easy to use the pre order

Liz, 24 Jul 2020

This is the 4th time I have ordered since I moved in this area and I can say I love the food,is really nice and tasty

Ana, 19 Jul 2020

Always brilliant. Highly reccomend.

Gary, 02 Jul 2020

Top Notch

John, 27 Jun 2020

Brilliant service and came a head of time

Andrew, 27 Jun 2020

Lovely food, quick service and great value for money

Kathy, 26 Jun 2020

Always happy with our meals

Christine, 26 Jun 2020


Michael, 20 Jun 2020

delivery was a quicker than usual today, but even when it takes a while it's worth the wait. always good food, decent prices and generous portions. we always end up with plenty of leftovers.

Finn, 18 Jun 2020

Always good

John, 15 Jun 2020

Very nice food & very generous portions, fast delivery

Makaila, 13 Jun 2020

Lovely food & very generous portions & quick delivery

Makaila, 13 Jun 2020

Great chippy, good quality food

Lisa, 01 Jun 2020

Always lovely food on time

Amber, 28 May 2020

always good food, delivery is sometimes a bit slow but always worth the wait. we’ve been customers for 20 years!

Finn, 26 May 2020

Food always delicious and delivered on time, best Chinese in Widnes

Angie, 25 May 2020

Great service as always

Andy, 24 May 2020


Marionwhitehotmailcom, 23 May 2020

Great food and delivery service

Lorraine, 23 May 2020

food was really good would recommend x

Angel, 21 May 2020

Excellent online service as always

Karen, 04 May 2020

Food was was spot on but took 2 and a half hours to come

Terry, 02 May 2020

Hot and lovely

Mark, 02 May 2020

Super quick and hot

Mark, 02 May 2020

Wow I only ordered about 15 minutes ago and it is here now. Can’t wait to tuck in.

Karen, 01 May 2020

lovely food quick delivery

Marie, 01 May 2020

Love the new website. Much easier to order and pay!

Gary, 01 May 2020

Good food and speedy service. Would recommend.

Joanne, 27 Apr 2020

Excellent food. Salt and Pepper ribs are the best.

John, 19 Mar 2020

Always been lovely food - our favourite Chinese takeaway in the area

Natalie, 08 Mar 2020

Lovely food as always

Katy, 01 Mar 2020


Ste, 23 Feb 2020

Best takeaway in Widnes

Lisa, 23 Feb 2020

Always lovely food.

Lyndsey, 22 Feb 2020


Kathy, 22 Feb 2020


Bernadette, 15 Feb 2020

Fast delivery food was hot and nice

Nichola, 08 Feb 2020


Nat, 04 Feb 2020

Awesome service

Nat, 04 Feb 2020

Good quality food and very quick

Gary, 01 Feb 2020


Joe, 26 Jan 2020

Love this place

Alan, 24 Jan 2020

Love this place

Alan, 24 Jan 2020

Always will be the best chippy in Widnes

Lisa, 19 Jan 2020

The food is good I enjoy it every time

John, 14 Jan 2020

Been very good every time I have ordered

Elizabeth, 12 Jan 2020


Terry, 11 Jan 2020


Terry, 09 Jan 2020

Great service

Crag, 05 Jan 2020

On a few occasions item have been missed from our order but the food is too nice to miss out on.

Karen, 30 Dec 2019

We have been buying food from this chippy for over 25 years and they very rarely let us down. One small criticism is that lately they don't read the order properly and we keep getting curry instead of gravy but other than that we are very happy with the food and service.

Michelle, 17 Dec 2019

Best chippy

Elaina, 16 Dec 2019


Pauline, 16 Dec 2019

Good food

Karen, 14 Dec 2019

Good food

Karen, 14 Dec 2019

very nice food

Steven, 14 Dec 2019

Order regularly and love it

Amy, 13 Dec 2019

Great food

Jo, 12 Dec 2019

Always on time

Jo, 12 Dec 2019

Always good food good service and fast delivery

Katie, 06 Dec 2019

Always great value lovely food and fast delivery

Katie, 06 Dec 2019


Amanda, 29 Nov 2019


Ste, 24 Nov 2019


Ste, 24 Nov 2019


Karen, 16 Nov 2019


Kayleigh, 14 Nov 2019


Kevin, 11 Nov 2019

Food always hot and good quality

Gem, 05 Nov 2019

Order took 1 hour 45 minutes to come and when it did it was only lukewarm. Fish was very soggy also

Nicola, 02 Nov 2019

Beef satay was lovely but fish cake was dry like it’s been recooked

John Dearden, 26 Oct 2019

Great food

Dan, 25 Oct 2019

Food was gorgeous delivery took a bit longer than other similar takeaways but definitely worth the wait.


Took just short of two hours for the food to be delivered


Ordered food at 19:10 food arrived at 21:45 no answer from shop when trying to ring, starters was thrown into the bin, cold & samosas & won tons was full of grease & prawn toast was terrible looked like left overs just chucked into a box.was our first tim

Gavin Barnfield,

2 hours 30 minutes late. Expected 1-1:15 hours after order placed. Already went for other food after 18 calls unanswered.


Food was nice however took quite a while for delivery + food had gone cold


Placed an order online at 6.05pm. After 2 hours still no sign of delivery. 120 attempts to call and it rang out or was engaged. got through at 8.15pm and was told it was busy.i asked for a timescale and was told 'i dont know.........its all packed up and


Didn’t receive my food at all 🤬


Unfortunately on this occasion the food was well below its normal quality . The salt and pepper shu mai were horrible its was like trying to eat a meatball wrapped in soggy sandpaper, The Foo yung was overly salty and the chow mein was tasteless and lacke

Neil Ellis,

Neil Ellis,

I have not had my food

Amy Osborne,

Chips were missing from my order . No point ringing as the meal would have been cold waiting for a re delivery


Quick delivery excellent quality.

Neil Ellis,

very good .

Neil Ellis,

Excellent as usual.

Neil Ellis,

Always fast delivery and very good hot food


Great service and delivered quickly


Too much service and delivery charge


Tastes amazing as per usual! Great sized portions. One of the nicest Chinese around Widnes!

Danielle Meehan,

I’ve never used Golden Flower Chinese take away before but rest assured I will be using them from now on. The service was brilliant, the food arrived well before time and it was hot and delicious. Thank you

Devina Murphy,

Great god best in town I'm on holiay living alone but your food was like heaven ps driver was great

Shaun Carolan,

Absolutely awful chips where dry crispy and warmed up not taste at all and inedible


Beef Cantonese Is deep fried crispy beef ??? Wtf


My wife is a vegetarian and ordered vegetarian Thai green curry, however, there was pork in the curry. I contacted the restaurant, who didn't seem to understand the problem and simply offered a replacement. My wife, of course, did not want anything else f

Michael Higginson,

If a specific time is given 9.36-10.04 then don’t deliver at 9.10 and then get angry with customers!! Do not redeliver a cold Chinese and expect a delivery fee. Shame we didn’t get to taste it!


Chips tasted and looked like warmed up old chips and very small portion (meant to be large) the prawn crackers where stale and the spring roll was still raw. Everything else was nice, 8/10 usually lovely all round from here, disappointed tonight.